'the muse' accordeon museum

Sale of the famous private accordion museum 'De Muse', at Malden in The Netherlands. This sale contains a beautiful collection of some 300 accordions and over 200 harmonica's. The collection of the only accordion museum in the Netherlands provides a beautiful overview of the origins and the development of all musical instruments that make their sound by a so-called "free reed".

This special collection includes accordions, bandoneons, harmonica's, diatonic harmonicas and concertinas. The Museum's "Hall of Fame '', displays a collection of 80 harmonicas played by previous famous owners, such as The Hotchas, Charly Musselwhite, and other great names.

With highlights like the unique and World's biggest playable Accordion 'The Fiers', a 1,90 meter (74,8 Inch) high accordion special build 1928 by the famous Italian company Scandalli for the Belgian artist Joseph Fiers.

It also includes an accordion from the famous Dutch comedian 'Dorus', a rare harmonica from former American President Ronald Reagan and harmonicas from the famous Belgian Jazz musician Toots Thielemans.

Harmonicas played by Toots Thielemans

Part of the collection


Part of the collection


Harmonicas played by The Hotchas and Charly Musselwhite

The collection of several hundred of these rare instruments shall be auctioned by Hessink's ON 12 OCTOBER 2021

Viewingdays 8 - 10 oCtober from 11.00 - 17.00
AUCTIOn 12 OCTOBER 2021 starting at 14.00




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